Trial Lessons

Trial Lessons are designed to give the prospective student an insight into learning to fly a light aircraft. They are ideal for someone who has not experienced flying in a light aircraft.

It is not a pleasure flight but a genuine lesson, it is in fact exercise no. 3 in the PPL syllabus. The student will be encouraged to handle the controls, under the guidance of the instructor, during the flight.

Each lesson is split into three parts.

1. An introductory brief given by the instructor which will outline the flight, covering how the basic controls work and then area over which the flight will take place.

2. The flight itself during which the instructor will demonstrate how the basic controls work and encourage the student to take cover the controls and fly the aircraft.

3. After the flight there will be the opportunity to discuss the flight and the requirements to obtain a licence.

This flight will count towards the hours required to obtain a licence.

Take a Flight Around The Solent….

…With Hampshire Aeroplane Club

We Offer Three Different Types of Trial Lesson

Standard Flight

Available in both the Robin & Cessna

An ideal way to start, this taster flight lasting 30 minutes of which 20 will be spent in the air, is perfect for those looking to take to the sky for the first time in a light aircraft.

This is ideal for someone who has never flown in a light aircraft before and gives the future pilot the chance to see the Solent and local area briefly while getting to see what piloting a light aircraft actually entails.


Extended Flight

Available in both the Robin & Cessna​

This flight of one hour, of which 50 minutes will be spent in the air, will give those aspiring to become a pilot the chance to take more time on the controls and get a feel of how to handle a light aircraft.

With more time available in the air it gives the opportunity to fly further afield and take in the fuller experience of departing Solent Airport briefly out to the local area.


Land Away Flight

Available only in the Cessna​

This Trial Lesson is two Standard Introductory Lessons flown “back to back” with a landing into a local airfield for a brief visit.

This experience is only available in the Cessna and has the option for you to have a passenger come along to join in the experience.

The Land Away experience is the best way to get a greater understanding of all that is involved in piloting a light aircraft and offers insights in the to exciting experiences available to those who have gone on to gain their Private Pilots Licence.

Which option is best for you?

If you are unsure about what package may be right for you then please get in touch at any time, our team would be happy to assist you in your choice.

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