What's Next? The Life of a Pilot Post Training

What do I do when I've obtained my license?

Most newly qualified pilots initially reap the rewards of their hard work by taking friends and relatives flying in the local area.

Soon it is time to broaden horizons by flying further afield, perhaps visiting friends and relatives some distance away, the opportunities are endless in many ways. Some pilots choose a theme for their flights, such as visiting airfields with aviation museums, the Imperial War Museum at Duxford or the Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden are just a couple of examples.

Some flying clubs organise “Fly Ins” which give pilots from different airfields the opportunity to meet and build experience in the air while navigating from airfield to airfield. These range from a simple barbecue to weekend long events possibly including a navigation competition and a dinner in the evening.

Many pilots on the south coast like to fly across the Channel. Lee-on-Solent is very convenient for flights to the French airfields of Cherbourg, Caen and Deauville as well as the Channel Islands of Alderney, Guernsey and Jersey.

Sometimes pilots team up in pairs when visiting other airfields with one pilot flying the aircraft there and the other then flying it back.

The options are many and varied but there is something for everyone


Flight Training and Self-Fly Hire is an option available to our current members to build up their flying hours. Please ring the Hampshire Aeroplane Club team on 0333 355 0764 or submit an enquiry on our Contact Us page for availability and costs.

Self-Fly Hire and Further Training

Many pilots seek to expand their skills by taking further training. Our experienced instructors can offer a wide range of additional conversions and ratings, we also offer training to upgrade NPPL holders to a full LAPL or EASA PPL. Please contact us for more details.

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