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Introductory Flying Lesson - Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions (T&C’s) outlined below apply to all products and services provided by Hampshire Aeroplane Club Ltd (HAC). These T&C’s are agreed to upon purchase of a product or service in their entirety by the purchaser on behalf of themselves or the recipient of a product or service.

Lesson Vouchers

Vouchers are valid for a period of six months from the date purchase, this date is located on the voucher. All flights must be arranged and take place within the six month period of validity. An extension to vouchers is available upon payment of an extension fee within the validity period, an extension lasts for the calendar month proceeding the date of expiry.

-       It should be noted that an Introductory Flying Lesson is a taught flying lesson and not a pleasure flight.

-       The voucher is not refundable but may be transferred to another recipient with prior notice given to HAC.

-       The recipient must be between 12 and 65 years of age on the day of the lesson.

-       Any recipient under the age of 18 must hold a signed parental consent form.

-       Recipients must be able to enter and exit the aircraft unaided.

-       Recipients experiencing any form of illness and/or taking medication must obtain written consent from their GP that they are fit to undertake flying training.


Booking arrangements

Once the date and time of a flight has been arranged, no less than five days’ notice is required should you wish to make an amendment. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone a flight booking and to offer an alternative arrangement regardless of voucher validity. It should be noted that this does not guarantee the offer of a preferred date and time.

Hampshire Aeroplane Club operates seven days a week for twelve months of the year subject to operational requirements and excluding December 25th. All flights must be pre-booked.  Flights depart from Lee on Solent airfield unless an alternative flight detail has been agreed by the Chief Flying Instructor.

If the flight is cancelled due to aircraft serviceability or poor weather conditions it is the responsibility of the recipient to arrange a new date for the flight to take place within the validity period of the voucher.

Should a recipient fail to attend an arrange booking they then forfeit their flight and the validity of the voucher. A cancellation fee must be paid in order to resume the validity of the voucher and be able to make another arrangement. It should be noted that in these circumstances the expiry date of the voucher will remain the same.


Flight arrangements

All flights arranged to take place are subject to suitable weather conditions and aircraft serviceability. Hampshire Aeroplane Club accepts no responsibility for unsuitable weather conditions or aircraft unserviceability which leads to the cancellation or alteration to any arrangements. Hampshire Aeroplane Club will not be held accountable for any costs incurred due to any expenses incurred due to these decisions.

It is the responsibility of the recipient to contact the Duty Flying Instructor for a weather briefing before departing in order to ascertain the probability of suitable flying conditions before arrival. This can be done by contacting 02392 333 993 on the day, contact details are also located on the gift voucher.


Personal arrangements

You must not fly if you are affected of impaired by the following;

-       Any severe medical condition such as, epilepsy, fits, severe headaches, high blood pressure and heart conditions not cleared with written approval by a personal GP.

-       You have recently undergone surgery, subject to written confirmation of fitness by a doctor.

-       If you are pregnant.

-       Under the influence of alcohol or drugs – Any recipient attempting to do so will forfeit their voucher and will not be able to reschedule their booking. This detail is subject to the discretion of HAC staff.

It is the responsibility of the recipient to notify HAC staff of any medical conditions or impairments prior to arranging a booking for a flight to take place. If you require any further clarification of advice on any of the above please call to arrange contact with the Chief Flying Instructor.



All Introductory Flying Lessons are non-refundable after three days of purchase. All requests for a refund must be in writing by the original buyer, a refund will only be issued by the method used for payment. Vouchers may be transferred to another recipient upon notifying HAC.

Personal Information

By purchasing a product or service from Hampshire Aeroplane Club you agree to grant us permission to store personal information in relation to the product or service which will be kept in secure provisions in accordance with the current Data Protection Act requirements.

Items not permitted in the aircraft

Please note that the following items have been considered dangerous by the Air Navigation Order or HAC staff;

-       Flammable liquids, explosives, matches/lighters, ignitable heat devices and compressed gas.

-       Pocket knives or sharp items without notice to the pilot.

-       Mobile devices not switched the aeroplane mode or notified to the pilot.

-       Laser and torch devices.

If you are unsure over the permissions of bringing an item on board one of our aircraft, please make contact with the Chief Flying Instructor prior to booking.


Terms and Conditions copyright to Hampshire Aeroplane Club Ltd - January 2015.