Introductory Lessons


Sometimes referred to as "Trial Lessons", introductory lessons are designed to give the prospective student an insight into learning to fly a light aircraft. They are ideal for someone who has not experienced flying in a light aircraft.

The introductory lesson is not a pleasure flight but a genuine lesson, it is in fact exercise no 3 in the PPL syllabus. The student will be encouraged to handle the controls, under the guidance of the instructor, during the flight.

Each lesson is split into three parts.

  • An introductory brief given by the instructor which will outline the flight, covering how the basic controls work and then area over which the flight will take place.
  • The flight itself during which the instructor will demonstrate how the basic controls work and encourage the student to take cover the controls and fly the aircraft.
  • After the flight there will be the opportunity to discuss the flight and the requirements to obtain a licence.

This flight will count towards the hours required to obtain a licence.

We offer three types of introductory lessons:


A flight of 30 minutes of which 20 will be spent in the air, this is ideal for someone who has never flown in a light aircraft before.


A flight of one hour of which 50 minutes will be spent in the air. This gives longer to experience handling the controls and the opportunity to fly further afield.


This is two Standard Introductory Lessons flown "back to back" with a landing in between at a different airfield. This give an insight into what flying light aircraft is all about. The airfield selected will be at our discretion and subject to the prevailing weather conditions.

In the Cessna 172 only it is possible to carry a passenger, at no extra cost. On the landaway lesson this person could fly the return leg if preferred.

Unsure of the right package?

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Arranging the lesson

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Robin DR400 (please see note below)

Our Robin DR400 is currently undergoing its annual maintenance and refurbishment works, the Robin will not be available until the New Year (2019) - please contact for further details


Cessna 172

Cessna 172

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