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We offer a wide range of training for first-time flyers as well as experienced pilots wishing to extend their training and ratings. If this is your first time flying why not try one of our trial lessons to get you started?

EASA Private Pilots Licence

The EASA Private Pilots Licence (formally known as JAR Private Pilots Licence (PPL)) is valid throughout much of Europe and is recognised world wide.

It entitles the pilot to fly in reasonable weather during daylight. Further training is required to operate more complex types such as those with a retractable undercarriage or more than one engine. Additional qualifications are required to fly in poor weather conditions and at night.

The course for the EASA Licence includes a minimum of 45 hours flying (excluding the Skills Test) in a suitably equipped aircraft.


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The National Private Pilots Licence (NPPL) is a national licence that is not recognised outside the United Kingdom.

It entitles pilots to fly "simple single-engine aircraft" with a maximum of three passengers within the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands. Flight in poor weather and at night or in multi-engine aircraft is not permitted.

The Course for the NPPL includes a minimum of 32 hours flying (excluding the Navigation Skills Test and General Flying Test).


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Additional Ratings and Conversions

We offer various additional ratings and conversions. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or just to have a chat about the training on offer.

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